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30 November 2011 @ 06:14 pm
HAPPY 「BIRTH」DAY everyone, fellow 「-‘s」,

There is a day for each of us as a 「-」that is different and special for each of us. That is the day we become a 「-」. For me, this year, my first anniversary as a 「-」, I’m celebrating it along with 「BIRTH」. November 30th is the day I became a 「-」.

For me, KAT-TUN is by far the most amazing group I’ve encountered. Their silliness, seriousness, their likes/dislikes, their laughs, their tears, their acting, their singing, their dancing…just about everything about them makes me love them more.

The group, when I first found out about them, was a group of six.  In 2007, I first found out about KAT-TUN via Gokusen. But one Yabuki Hayato captured my attention. I became immersed into a brief period of Akanishi Jin high…watching dramas with Jin in it…well only Yukan Club and then I realized Taguchi Junnosuke was part of KAT-TUN as well. But sadly, it ended there.

Akanishi Jin in NEW YORK! This was probably the turning point for me. November 21, 2010, Akanishi Jin is holding a live in New York, a Johnny’s concert I can attend. However, I was devastated to find out that at that time, it was already official that Akanishi Jin was not a member of KAT-TUN and he was going solo.

Shortly after the concert, I delved into the world of KAT-TUN, watching Cartoon KAT-TUN and fell in love once again, but this time, with KAT-TUN as a whole. That day was November 30, 2010. This day, this year marks my one year anniversary as a 「-」and I am blessed that 「BIRTH」is released today too.
But in order to thank the group that has made me feel various emotions, laugh out of the blue even when I’m upset, smile crazily while reading something sad in class or just blurt out random stuff and get called ‘Junno’…I have decided to share some of my KAT-TUN collection with you and have a quiz with prizes to the first few who answers! (:


And there’s what I have so far as far as discs are concerned.

Anyways, to commemorate my one year anniversary, I have a quiz for fellow 「-」s…
The thing is I’m also getting rid of some duplicated items that I have and will use them as prizes.

First person to answer all of the questions correct will get…
Second person to answer all of the questions correct will get…
- a Nakamaru Dream Boys Photo Set
Third person to answer all of the questions correct will get…
- a [BIRTH] magazine promotional poster
BONUS Questions
First person to answer the questions…
- Akanishi Jin’s YGT 3011 Post Card Book & Post card
Second/Third person to answer the questions…
- a Akanishi Jin’s YGT 3010 Photo Set

*Note: If no one gets all the questions correct, it'll be the person with the most correct answers!
**Note: It is possible to get both the bonus and the question prizes.

Have fun!
1) How many children (pets) does Koki have? Name each of them & their species.
2) Nakamaru's solo WHITE WORLD was said to be originally who's solo?
3) Who has a certified boating license?
4) What dish is Kame most proud of cooking?
5) What is Junno's most known phrase?
6) Who officially acknowledged fans as 「-」?
7) What was missing in Run For You PV making of that appears in all other PV making ofs?
8) I realized there was no #8 so...頑張れ~~~
9) Who is still in college?
10) Who starred in Tanaka Tokkyu San Go?
11) What does Kame do often (as seen in many PVs, concerts...etc)?
12) Why did Ueda go bald?
13) How did each member decide/end up at Johnny's audition?
14) What is the members' common favorite number?
15) What is each member's hated food?

1) What was Johnny-san's choice for their debut single instead of Real Face according to Koki?
2) What does KAT-TUN mean?

And who wants to take a random guess at who my ichiban is? :D It's only one out of five <3(;
Heh, 17 questions to celebrate the 17th single~ 

Last day to submit answers: December 07, 2011
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28 October 2011 @ 10:46 pm
For me, November is a very busy month as a college student AND as a KAT-TUN fan...

November 5 - Tanaka Koki's 26th Birthday~ <3(;
November 7 - 14 - midterms (spread out...thankfully)
November 29 - Taguchi Junnosuke's 26th Birthday~ (:
November 30 - BIRTH (17th Single) Release
                         - One year anniversary as an official Hyphen

Yay! :D It took me forever to find out when I started being into the KAT-TUN fandom (instead of solely a Jin fan...now it's reversed... :o)
For Koki & Junno's bday as well as my one year...my LJ will be updated with posts! (hopefully) 
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25 October 2011 @ 12:04 am
Hello! :D 

I thought I'd just share this since I love this rap (it just randomly gets stuck in my head and when I'm listening to the single version, I wait for it but it doesn't come, and I get upset LOLS. And I've been trying to find out what Koki's been rapping...but I didn't see anyone with it, so I decided to figure out myself! :D

I'm not a fan of rap, honestly but surprisingly, I find myself looking forward to Koki's rap in the songs and honestly, this is my favorite along with WHITE & N.M.P.

Douzo!!! :D If you want to have just the rap...here you go~ MF
Full Song .wma MF  | .mp3 MF
Please tell me if there are any mistakes, because to tell the truth, this is my first translation and I just started learning Japanese.

In the candlelight
Holy night song
“love you” can’t say
Be by my のside
肩 に積もった雪すらForget 経験
This is our first night and also da last
Yureru omoito Boy
In the Candlelight
Holy night song
“love you” can’t say
Aenai to tsurai
Atari mae no Thing
Ienai yo Baby
Be by my no side
Yuki no naka Baby
Tachi sukumu Lady
Kata ni tsumotta yuki sura Forget keiken
Omoi wa tei mei
Seinaru sen sei
Beddo no hidari gawa ni tsumeta denrei
This is our first night and also da last
A boy with trembling thoughts,
In the candle light
Holy Night Song
“Love you” but can’t say
Not able to meet you is painful,
the obvious thing
I can't even say, baby
Be by my side
Amidst the snow, Baby
I'm unable to move, Lady
A time when I Forget the snow piling up on my shoulder
My dejected thoughts,
The holy oath,
The cold message  on the left side of my bed
This is our first night and also da last

Please tell me how it did~
I really didn't understand parts of it...so I cheated & used Google Translate and I got even more confused...so I attempted to use my Kanji dictionary but...in the end, I figured I still didn't know how to piece it together. 

So please help me? :D

translation edited thanks to imayuki

EDIT 10/26/2011 Sorry!!! I switched two lines in the romaji and translation... Aenai to tsurai & Atari mae no Thing are switched! it is fixed and link to the full song from the album is up. No wonder my translation didn't make sense to me! ><"
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Finally, a month of waiting, KAT-TUN's new TV show is finally airing. 

Excitement & tension reaches maximum as I begin to watch. But...

KeyHole TV lags at one specific moment...

But I ignore it, listening to them talking and finally finding another streaming site to watch it. 

It's the fun part, our General, Nakamaru goes to FujiQ (love that place!!! I would love to go there again, no doubt)!
He has to ride on four rides and try to get rid of his fear...seems interesting to a person like me, with similar fear...
But screaming my favorite food & hated foods...? LOLS sorrrrryyyyy~ don't want to imitate! His GREEN PEAS~ and 1/2 asleep face...ADORKABLE! (: 

Then the next person is of course, our one and only Kame-chan~ 
He's given a task to cook rice...LOLS seems interesting ;x
Miso rice...then as he eats, the mascot comes back with more things for him to try...
Some corn thing, tomato juice (sounds yummy <3), OJ...(sounds disgusting already), and coffee...
Even as a non-coffee lover, I immediately made some~ which means, yes, I want to imitate~

Anyways, back to that first picture, where KeyHole TV froze on...
Yes, the show will end in December with a total of ten eps. What the heck?!

But as a fan who's stuck in the US, what can I do? :\

But, if I have to be optimistic, then I'd be telling myself that KAT-TUN is strong despite them not being able to have a permanent show, not being able to have their live, not being able to release an album. They need us the most at this time, to not leave them and to continue supporting them, as Hyphens, as Usagis, as fans of only KAT-TUN, continuing to be loyal to them despite their chances of being neglected & left behind...they need us to be firm and fight their bullies for them, to protect them and stand up for them when they're feeling down/weak. Because they're human too. 

But as their fans, we're their central power...we're part of them. 
"This song was made so that fans can join in at the []s" Yes, Never x Over [-] is Your Part... 
"Will you always remain a Hyphen? Then I'll always remain KAT-TUN." Our beloved Lord, Tanaka Koki said this...so we can't ditch him when he needs us, even if he's an idol and we're just fans...to a band, a group who's always performing for our sake, what can we do so we can see them more on TV, news, lives? Just anything...just a bit more and we'll be grateful. Together as a group...because KAT-TUN is one. They're not just Kamenashi Kazuya, Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuuichi...they're KAT-TUN, each of them is essential to the meaning & life of KAT-TUN...seeing them appear in dramas is great, but seeing them host their own show is even greater...seeing them perform live (even if I can't go to one) will be the best. Because...they seem to enjoy it and have fun whenever they perform live. The tension is there, but seeing their fans fill up the seats & arena before them, I think is their greatest joy. Hearing the audience sing along with them, move along with them and shout with them, is the best for them. 

So what is it that we can do?
Even a bit, I want to help...
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15 October 2011 @ 06:41 am